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How ThreeSpaces wants to enhance coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are becoming important business networks and are springing up in growing, vibrant communities worldwide.  They function as a hybrid between office spaces, social gathering spaces, and business accelerators.  The higher the interaction amongst the coworking members, the more likely synergies and meaningful relationships will develop. 

Co-Working Environment

(From ImpactHub, Berkeley CA -

Coworking spaces are serious business.  But like the old office, we spend so much of our life there that our co-workers often become our close friends.  But business colleague means something different in the coworking environment than it does in the office of old.  In a regular office, everyone is doing something for a single corporate purpose.  In today's co-working environment, almost everyone is doing something different. This makes co-working spaces into microcosms of our communities.  They are a place where ideas can flow to the benefit of all.  

ThreeSpaces wants to turn dreams into reality.  Our dreams are our passions, the things we love to do and think and talk about. Everyone has at least three.  One of these might include the business you are starting.  Another could be the sport you play or your favoite hobby.  A third might be a charity or political cause you passionately support.  The combination of these things creates amazing talking points for immediately meaningful interaction.

Persona Collection Page

( persona collection page example)

Wouldn't it be great if members could showoff their most passionate talking points?  Imagine how much more interesting a first conversation could become.  Bringing these talking points into the online social and media environment is what ThreeSpaces does.