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ThreeSpaces' mission is to help you find and develop multiple streams of income. We believe there is much more to each of us than meets the eye. Let us help you create more value out of your most passionate interests.

Your dream

Have you been dreaming of embarking on a more rewarding career or business? Have an idea you want to promote? Or, maybe you want to let the world know that you're good at something and would like to help others learn what you know. If so, then the first thing to do would be to let everyone know what you have to offer. Within minutes you can have a persona page up and running that lets the world know of your intentions - the first step in making your dream come true!

Demonstrate capability

The next step is to start showing people what you are capable of. Put your creativity on display. Connect and collaborate with others.

Learn to play the role of teacher or mentor. Post content to your new persona page that demonstrates your specific expertise. Use your persona page to help people find solutions for their needs. This has the added benefit of building trust with your followers.


If you are trying to introduce a new idea, promote it among your family and friends first. Get feedback from them. That way you will find out if your idea is likely to gain traction. Send the link to your persona page to everyone you know. Use our Facebook integration features to get the word out.

Grow your network

Invite others to join you. Having friends and family in your network helps provide support for your goals and keeps you going when times get tough.


Continue to build your new business, career, idea or passionate interest.