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Dog Lover

I love dogs. I mean, who doesn?t really? Most people love puppies?they?re little, fluffy, and cute. What could be better? They are walking happiness and seem to have the ability to make a day almost instantly better. But how do you know if you?re a dog lover?

Well, according to Dog Lover?s Digest (, there are a few signs that you may be a dog lover?these include things such as: whether you base your decision to purchase a new vehicle on whether or not the interior is dog-friendly and/or the back seat folds completely flat, you can identify your dogs by the sound of them eating and/or drinking, a good portion of your cabinet space is devoted to dog food and treats, you have separate laundry facilities for dog towels and apparel, you know what a thundershirt is (and it does not come from an AC/DC concert), you coordinate your wardrobe choices to ensure you match your dog, you spell some words rather than saying them out loud, and?when you think of Kong you?re not thinking of a gorilla.

Admittedly, I only have one dog, and she?s on a diet?so not all of those apply to me, but you get the idea.

Personally, I show my love of dogs in other ways (maybe I?m simply less traditional). I look for dog friendly workplaces; stores, restaurants and bars that allow dogs (at least on the patio); I am always keeping an eye out for a quality doggy boutique with a good selection of high-end products; and I have a tendency to share pictures of my dog with all my friends and family (and sometimes coworkers or people I have just met). Okay?it might be a bit more than that. My dog has her own Facebook page. My boss and I have discussed whether she needs her own ID badge for the office. Many of our neighbors know her by name because if I?m outside (even just headed to the car) she is usually with me.

Overall, I don?t think there is any one thing that qualifies you as a dog lover. Just like all dogs are different (even if they belong to the same breed), so are all owners and dog lovers different. You don?t even need to have a dog to love them. You just need to appreciate them. After all, it doesn?t take having one of your own to love tracking all the cute new puppy pictures on Pinterest.
February 07, 2016 09:05PM

What is your favorite thing about dogs? I think mine is how their presence (or sometimes even pictures of them) can do so much to lift your mood.

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