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Blogger Extraordinaire

I have, admittedly, only recently become seriously active with my own blogs. Previously, I had always simply written for other people?s blogs?primarily on technical topics. Of course, I also had those blogs that I followed just for fun. You know them. The Oatmeal. Hyperbole and a Half. Those were probably the primary two. But, I always felt that they set the bar so high that, despite being a good writer, I simply wouldn?t be able to live up to their artistic skills and innate senses of humor. So I waited.

Then, a few years ago, my mother was holding a house party. I think it was for her birthday. Why you would throw your own birthday party is beyond me?they are SO MUCH WORK. I was planning to visit and so when she asked if I could help with the food (I have a long love of dabbling in the culinary arts) I agreed. Why not help if I could? Well, a bit of help turned into essentially catering the party. I sent recipe suggestions and she either approved or voted them down. Eventually we had a menu and I created a shopping list for her. The day of the party arrived (again, SO MUCH WORK), and my food was a huge success. So many people asked if I wrote a food blog. Now, some of the recipes I?d used came from just that sort of blog (admittedly, via Pinterest), and I thought the idea sounded like fun. But then I remembered?I was in grad school. When would I have time to do such a thing? So I waited.

When I graduated, I jumped right into a full on job search?looking to advance my position and put my new skills to use. Eventually, as things settled down, I started to look for some volunteer opportunities and some side jobs. Blogging seemed an easy way to go, and since the blogs were already set up I really just had to pick a topic within the general subject area of the blog. It was surprisingly easy. Finally, between getting settled into a new home, moving up and work, and having a friend show me her blog, I decided to give it a shot. It was time to stop waiting. I can honestly say that I am greatly enjoying myself. It is giving me the opportunity to build a community of people who share my interests, as well as build my social media marketing skills. One blog has turned into two blogs, as well as those which I still write for as guest writer. It?s still new to me, but I am greatly enjoying it and look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.
February 07, 2016 11:06PM

I've shared a bit about me...tell me a bit about you! What are your favorite blogs? What draws you to a blog? Or, if you're a blogger yourself, what are some of your favorite tools and tricks to build an interactive audience?

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