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I am a huge fan of technology. I think it started with my love of gadget, which I?m pretty sure started with my grandpa. I remember he had one of the earliest Macintosh (or was it already Apple back then?) computers to come out. He liked to know how things worked. He liked to come up with clever solutions to problems. And he also liked using the latest and greatest gadgets and technology out there to do the things he loved. I remember he had a program for one of those early Mac computers (which, by the way, were huge and clunky compared to what we have today) which would let him compose his own music. I can only imagine what he would have thought of the technology (and gadgets!) that we currently have on the market!

I realize I?m being careful to differentiate between gadgets and technology ? and this is something I am doing completely on purpose. According to one of my greatest buddies (Google search) a gadget is ?a small mechanical device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one? (retrieved from So when I think of gadgets I think of things like a basic iPod or MP3 player, a webcam, a digital camera, a GPS, or a Nintendo Game Boy. Now, some people consider think of things such as smartphones, tablets, and more complex iPods (such as the iPod touch) as gadgets as well, but it my belief that these likely fall more in the area of technology.

But??what is technology?? you might ask. According to another good buddy of mine (this time Wikepedia), technology is ?the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation? (retrieved from Based on the current abilities of smartphones, tablets, and more complex iPods (again, I mention the iPod touch), I feel like many of these straddle the line between gadget and technology?depending on how they are used. Many, however, allow for the use of complex applications and research and so I have a tendency to categorize them as technology. Clearly, desktop computers and laptops would also fall under the definition of technology.

So why do I combine these two in my techie-ness? Well, I feel like that group of products that straddles the line, as well as technology that can have very specific and novel uses (the Raspberry Pi comes to mind) allows for the combining of gadgets and technology into a larger grouping of fun, ingenious devices that many of us love to learn about, and use, in our daily lives.
February 07, 2016 09:04PM

Welcome to my feed! I'm super excited about sharing tech updates and experiences. Most recently I've started exploring uses of the Raspberry Pi computers (about $35 each and designed to use in schools for instruction in basic programming). Check them out!

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