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Animal Rescue Volunteer

So many people out there love animals. In fact, there is a good possibility that you are likely one of those people. I think it?s important that we all remember that there are many ways to show a person?s love of animals. There is no ?one size fits all? solution. Some people do not have lives that put them in a good position to be animal owners, for instance; whereas others can easily have multiple pets and even large animals. This does not mean that the person with no animals loves them even less, it simply shows that they have a solid enough understanding of their life and the needs of an animal to see that it would not be a beneficial situation either party. It is far better to admire animals from afar, visit with your friends? animals, help at or donate to an animal shelter or rescue, than to try to take on the care of an animal when you can not provide everything necessary for their happiness.

One way to show your love and admiration for animals, which I am just starting to explore, is by volunteering at or donating to local animal rescues and shelters. Many of these volunteer opportunities may not start out as giving you much time when you are in contact with, or playing with, the animals?but as you work with the organization and they get to know you, many will be open to discussing other volunteer opportunities that may include a larger amount of animal contact. The key is to start small and not be discouraged if you don?t have your ideal role (can we say puppy hugger anyone?) immediately. Some of it is building trust, and some of it is simply knowing who is actually serious about their work with the rescue. In addition, if you start too big there is a higher likelihood that you will simply burn yourself out?and then you won?t be of use to anyone.

So, I suppose what I?m saying is?find what works for you. I have one dog. I just recently adopted her, because my life before was not such that it was a good fit for pet ownership. I was in graduate school, we were renting, and the dog would have been along for long periods of time. Now we own a home, I?ve graduated, and I have a workplace that allows dogs. This was the right time for me. Just make sure that you find the right time, and the right opportunity, for you.
February 07, 2016 09:22PM

Are you looking for a way to help some deserving dogs? These wonderful rescue dogs were saved from being put down, but still need extensive medical care. Share this post via social media and please consider donating.

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