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Occupy My World

I am committed to creating a world where everyone has a way of making a living for themselves and their family. A world where basic human needs of food, shelter, education and health care are affordable and available to ALL. A world where our governments heed the call of those who need help even before they are asked. A world where there is honor and integrity in everything we do. And a world where we leave the planet in good shape for those who come after us.

The economy and our political system is in serious need of fixing. They no longer serve the needs of the people and the earth. Imagine an economy that works for all people vs an economy that only really works well for those who have the wealth and power to game the system using lobbyists to fight for their interests.

I once heard someone say - "The purpose of the economy is human wellness, now and in the future!"

The "free market" or the "efficient market" is not the holy grail in my opinion. These measures of the value of the economy do not include measures of human wellness. Once upon a time the purpose of the economy did serve to improve the wellness of people. It seems we have forgotten or conveniently ignored this basic truth. Today, it seems the economy serves more the corporations, the wealthy and the politicians. I consider this a crisis! We MUST declare and fully commit to a new mission now if we are to survive the current crisis!

If you align with the message of the Occupy My World movement, create your own Occupy My World persona page and describe your ideas for the future of our planet.

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November 25, 2011 04:21PM

Many who have opposed the movement or just stood out on the sidelines have declared that the Occupy...movement does not stand for any particular set of demands. Those supporting the movement say that their demands are obvious and varied. To me, anyone who tries to delegitimize this movement based on a lack of clearly declared demands are simply trying to ignore the obvious!