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Metaphysical Being

Am I just my biology living in a three-dimensional world? Or, am I a multi-dimensional being with connections to parts of me that I cannot see or touch?

I was born into a religious family but ever since I was a teenager I found that I was missing a more fundamental explanation of who I was in relation to that part of me my religion called my "soul".

In this persona, I explore and digest information that I have been introduced to in the study of metaphysics that has helped answer many of the questions I've had since a very young age.

My current view is that I am an eternal being having a human experience on earth whose purpose is to create more of what I desire in this physical dimension. And the purpose of that is the expansion of the universe. This leads me to the question - how can I teach myself to manifest more of what I desire?
November 04, 2018 11:10PM

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Abraham talks about the one-second pivot into alignment (from step 1 into step 2) and how meditation is the only process they know of that works perfectly to do that.

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May 29, 2017 03:15PM

The collaboration, "Abraham and Esther Hicks" describe their take on the Law of Attraction:


May 22, 2017 04:36PM


Everyone doesn't have to be the same. Most say,"Well, it's so much easier if we're all the same." And we say, it is not easier when you're all the same; conformity is the thing that thwarts you most. That massive wanting to get you to conform - to all think the same way and want the same things - is what is causing the revolt that is happening within you. You are determined to be freedom-seekers in a Mass Consciousness society that is determined to make you the same.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from Asheville, NC - Saturday, October 25th, 2003

April 13, 2017 03:36PM

....if this time space reality has the wherewithal to help you identify a desire...then this time space reality and all who are involved in it have the ability to yield to you, to reveal to you, to offer to you a steady trail, a path .....a path that you must find a way to be the path of non-resistance....a steady, unfolding. delicious. comfortable. fun-filled, winding, twisting, turning, adventurous, enjoyable, satisfying, fulfilling path....

....and we think sometimes that what hangs you up is that you would like a quick direct path...just get me over there because I am unhappy over here....and the thing about that is, you can't get to happy over there from unhappy over here...

.....your attention, if it doesn't match where you want to go won't take you there...

....the path continues to unfold...

...everything is a vibration before it is a manifestation....everything is a vibration before it can be interpreted through your physical senses..

...and there are lots of ways you interpret vibration through your physical senses...what you're seeing and hearing and tasting and touching...all of that is vibrational're just really good at good you just don't even realize that your doing it...

...everything is a realization of what we're really talking about here is interpretation....

....what we're talking about is your readiness to see what is always being revealed to you....

...the path of least resistance, the path of most abundance, the path of most fun, the path of most adventure, the path of you who you really are...that path is always projected with such clarity from those like us who know who you are....who know what you want....who know where you are in relationship to what you want...the question is...are you in the receptive mode, are you in the receptive mode of the clear path and the answer to that is.....hmmmm....a variable...LOL.....and it just doesn't vary from person to person, it varies within you from day to day, from moment to moment can tell what your receptive....your receptivity....what your receptive mode is about by the way you feel ...your mood is your receptive mode indicator.

So, if you're discouraged, if you're bummed out, you're depressed, if you're feeling like a victim, you're feeling like other people are doing things to you and preventing you from getting what you want or having what you want.....being who you want to be....then you've got a vibration going on that is the reason that your path isn't lighting up for you in a clearer way...and clarity is really what you're shooting for.. know what it feels like when you can't make your mind up about something...that split energy is the most uncomfortable experience of all experiences....split energy....wanting it and doubting it ....wanting it but believing you don't deserve it...wanting it and resenting other people who have it...wanting it and feeling without it....that's split energy.. would be helpful if you would stop pointing out what's missing all the time... don't allow yourself to see it....

...your attention to what you do not want keeps you out of the receptive mode..

You are offering a steady vibrational frequency and the universe is responding to your vibrational frequency. There are two ways you can tell what's coming - by the way you feel, and then a little later on by what came!

Abraham Hicks

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