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Founder - AlwaysConnected

Your contacts come alive!

Whether your audience is made up of your customers or your high school tennis team, AlwaysConnected delivers your message using the most appropriate channel.

Our new iPhone app, now in beta, is working to provide you with the best face-to-face networking tool on the planet!
October 18, 2018 03:25AM

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AlwaysConnected, designed to be a networking tool for entrepreneurs and professionals can be a useful extension for your built-in Contacts app. Browse here for ideas on how you could use it to make Contacts more useful:

September 24, 2018 03:07AM

I am a founder and the software developer behind the AlwaysConnected mobile app.

As a professional and entrepreneur I am very aware of the power of a "warm" contact. Someone with whom we already have a relationship with and can call a member of our “tribe”.

Our goal at AlwaysConnected is to help you leverage your contacts better by forging deeper, more meaningful connections.

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