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Interior Designer

Architecture student with wish to redirect to interior design and furniture in master studies. 'Artistic soul', I love every form of art, painting, performance, music, architecture, literary everything!
Follow me to see great art pieces and the stories behind them. Also you can contact me to talk about books, movies, architecture, interior design, painting, travel and anything else related to art!
February 08, 2016 04:32AM

Have you watched Inception? Did you actually know that it is 'a movie about movies?' Every actor has a roll that complements with a roll in filmmaking: Eames (Tom Hardy), is an actor, because he can literary change faces; Ariadne (Ellen Page), is the screenwriter, because she designs dreams. Saito (Ken Wantabe), is the studio executive, because he is an investor, Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is director because he is putting the whole movie together, and Yusuf (Dipleep Rao) is special effects guy, because you all forgot he even exists!

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