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Innovation and Business Strategy

Using story to reveal authenticity and passion as influence in an Expert society.

Senior Learning Consultant who promotes community based learning in sharing networks.
August 02, 2016 01:06AM

When faced with an enterprise wide client facing, POS, and operational workflow computer system upgrade, KINKO's Headquarters in Dallas had to determine quickly how it would train the employees in 1100 retail stores how to use their new system, ORDER TO PAY. With hundreds of discreet ordering tasks and options in the design of the system, how could employees learn, and retain what they learn, without a hiccup in the operational flow? There is no way the entire company can go off the production line to train. So what can be done?

I was hired by a third party contractor to come in and design a BLENDED LEARNING STRATEGY based on the business needs of KINKO'S as well as the learning needs of this highly social work-team environment. By breaking down individual learning style options as well as Multiple Intelligence Theory, I designed multiple modalities for people to access training; with the emphasis on team.

Initially, I introduced how this would culturally impact how the teams worked together. By introducing basic concepts of change into the teams, we could show how they could build upon what they already know, and begin to take ownership of the change in how they worked together. Empowerment and role "norming" was helpful for the team members. They could begin to understand how to anticipate needs. By seeing videos early, before the go-live, and walking through the GUI, look and feel, begin to learn new terminology, even as a prototype. Additional modules and access to learning through multimedia was introduced as a staged rollout in the strategy design. The result was a combination of opportunities for self directed learning as well as led or team based communities.

The overall strategy document was the basis of a seminar for which I created an abstract and was chosen to be lead presenter. "Authentic Learning in Blended Scenarios: Your Map Folded My Way." When you look at a large map, you have an impulse to fold it down to a meaningful area to study and focus upon. This was the idea behind the learning solution for KINKO'S. Integrated workplace Learning is possible, challenging, but possible. Through Peer mentoring, adaptability increases, and the reinforcement to learn quickly is well supported. The highly adaptable KINKO'S teams succeeded in making ORDER TO PAY the success it still is today.

August 01, 2016 09:10PM

Situations and events reveal character; they don't build it. Through story and charActer modeling, current states of relevance and change will display their true values.

How do you use story modelling to work with clients or to design new solutions? Have you ever approached Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" to find the path a company is exploring?

How about empowering indivIduals at a work shop or masterclass in "writing their own hero story"? Innovative way to build better teams and to help companies identify their own Ethos, weaknesses, and strengths.

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