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Film Preservationist

At Angel City Film Works, we partner with Universities, archives, Academy of Motion Pictures, studios, and private collections, as "The Film Detectives".

Finders of lost elements and rescuer of orphaned films.
August 01, 2016 08:48PM

Cinema is the greatest form of documentation of our cultures, history, and personal experiences as human beings. As we are now running to catch with our selves in technological advances, we are also falling behind in preserving that which has come before us on 35mm film. There is great satisfacting in locating a copyright holder who has lost a film, had it stolen during distribution, or misplaced in the lab, being able to reconnect the orphan film with its rightful owner. An even greater pleasure is restoring and preserving all of the elements, and then screening it for the first time in decades to a new audience.This is a wonderful way to honor the work of artists who cannot speak for themselves anymore and to help tell their stories. We are currently in talks with a cable network and a preservation fund to embark on our next project.

Archivists are always sharing information with each other about holdings. It is a thriving community. My favorite is AMIA

Which post production houses or individual labs to you like to use? Let's compare notes. I am always looking for ways to design a more cost effective workflow so that I can restore more films with my project resources.

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Grauman's Egyptian Theater - American Cinematheque. Special Screening of preserved and restored film SUMMER CHILDREN. Academy Award Winning Cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, Producer, Edie Robinette-Petrachi, Original Producer, Jack Robinette. Bob Fischer, ASC, Moderator.
Back of CD Cover - Location The Avon Motor Court - Route 66, Oklahoma. Where Dreams Linger. copyright 2016 angelcitymusicworks
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