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Web Developer

I started my technical career in about start of 2013 when i got admission in an engineering university. From the beginning i had interest in web development when i was taught the languages php,html and css,it became my craze to build websites so i with my friend junaid decided to take start though we were not quite familiar with web development but we were motivated and passionate so in our first semester project we submitted a website which was having the functional to sell mobile phones with the functionality of payment procedure. Our teachers were stunned looking at our faces how can we do so in that stage but i believe it was God help and our hard work which made us accomplish the task i urge everyone reading to stop thinking that you can't do this and that just stand firm and say i can do this and i will do this
February 15, 2016 07:17AM

Now i am developing professional websites which i sell and earn handsome revenues you can check them out here and many more like

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