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What's Up with Organic and Free Range Egg Prices?

What's Up with Organic and Free Range Egg Prices? Seems like every time I go to the grocery store, prices are falling on Free Range and Organic eggs.  I don't know about you, but I'm totaly willing to pay $5-6 for a dozen "humane" eggs... and then I found Nellie's farm, a dozen and a half for $7.00.... and then I found Pete & Gerry's and bought those dozen humane eggs for $4.99. And then I noticed the price drop and 5-7 more competitors in the grocery egg section.

It seems that several things are happening in the egg industry.  Small family farms have banded together under labels like Pete & Gerry's, while large scale producers like Handsome Brook Farm have invested capital in factory designs that meet organic specifications but do not necessarily include the most truly humane conditions. Read more from AgWeek.

The results?  Lower prices and law suits over standards forpasture raised and organic designations.  The long term results?  Small family farms that don't band together for brand and marketing power will likely lose some or all of their premiums over time.