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Who’s Been Investing in Fashion Startups?


It’s clear to see that VC’s have been focused on disruptive tech following through on the last 2+ years of investment activity.  Poking around the edge of fashion investing by VC’s for a new client’s venture, I like what I’m seeing: 3D printing; crowd and individual design and customization; market streamlining; amazing service and delivery; group discounting; individualized shopping experiences; AI enhancing experience and service.     

So who are these VC fashion thought leaders who are disrupting the retail store’s of tomorrow?  And who in the venture capital world is interested in this stuff?  Here are a few contenders (research from


This is just a smattering of VC’s working in this area and the myriad of startups they are betting on.  For me, customization and individualized experience win the day.  But as we review the data it’s also clear that good old fashion quality for a decent affordable price combined with the convenience of the well done online shopping experience remain the real long term market disruptors.

One last thought:  The Internet of Things combined with advances in AI may yet bring a resurgence in the value of the offline retail experience for consumers. So, if I were Simon Malls, I might put some capital into AI and experiential tech.