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I love start-ups! What's your great startup? I'm working on the platform this site is built on, ThreeSpaces. It's a true identity driven network for humans; I'm also working on Fresh Table Farms, outdoor, inexpensive, scalable aquaponic farming in South Florida; and, Cycles Maximus, electric delivery tricycles for urban and suburban applications with test programs in your US city.

Follow me to see feed items on these and other startup projects, and thanks for reading! Join ThreeSpaces to use the persona network and promote yourself.
January 07, 2018 04:01PM

What's happening in the world of fashion industry startup investment? Who are the VC's behind this plunge into the end of brick and mortar inventory based retail and the beginning of something new? See my article in the Startup Spaces Expert Space:

December 20, 2017 03:39PM

It's the end of the year giving season. So maybe you're looking for one last small or big social investment to top off the year's good deals and deeds. Read my article on a great social investment in the cryptocurrency space:

December 06, 2017 01:26PM

What's happening today in the world of cryptocurrency and fundraising cannot be ignored by the venture capital community. See my article on LinkedIn:

November 03, 2017 03:06PM

Consider co-working spaces like the Impact Hub as natural test beds for growth hacking startups and corporations. In fact, larger corportions can no longer afford not to invest in growth hacking. See my article in Expert Spaces for more.

August 06, 2017 09:57PM

Farm Update: I've just posted an update on my farm startup persona, here:

April 13, 2017 12:06AM

From Revolution to Manufacturer. I'm excited! I've had the chance to move vertically from New York City logistics and electric vehicle fleet operator Revolution Rickshaws to UK manufacturer, Cycles Maximus. CM is in the R&D business making short runs of ever better prototype electric trikes for a variety of short haul and last mile logistics systems. The opportunity to scale designs to US-based plants iron all our minds as sales increase.

August 01, 2016 11:21PM

NEVER SAY NEVER! Startup client Revolution Rickshaws returns to fight onwards toward electric assisted small vehicle package heaven. Culling through to the best of the best, Revolution chooses Cycles Maximus for optimal performance and long term capital utilization efficiency, Intrigued?,

July 01, 2016 01:47PM

Star appeal is easier to capture in New York City. New client,, is working hard to find great endorsement opportunities from its retail location in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood where Google's New York headquarters is the anchor. See pastry Chef Dana Loia hanging with quirky and super funny guy actor Bill Murray here:

April 27, 2016 03:02PM

Democracy lives in our laws for corporate governance! A group of managers from a startup I worked on a few years back called me out of the blue to help them force the founder to share power. Read about what happened in my Blog on my persona page.

February 10, 2016 01:35AM

I'm excited about startup businesses! I'm working on a few great projects now (see my last feed.) But ThreeSpaces has me really going. We are a calling card that tells the whole story of who you are. Choose three or more things you love to do. Don't they really describe you? ThreeSpaces has a target market entry point and we are pitching, and it's b2b. It's an exciting time in the life of any startup! Stay tuned!

November 03, 2017 02:22AM

Financing growth hacking

Consider co-working spaces like the Impact Hub as natural test beds for growth hacking startups and corporations. In fact, larger corportions can no longer afford not to invest in growth hacking.

Wikipidia defines Growth Hacking as ?a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business. ... Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business.?

I see this as the very same process on the engineering and product development side described in ?The Lean Startup?, by Eric Reiss, which most of you read when it came out. He coined the term ?Minimum Viable Product? (?MVP?) and described the MVP process, as you know it. It was really all about growth hacking on a budget for startups. Driving down the mistakes with an MVP and increasing the testing until you can smell the traction.

But shouldn?t growth hacking be for everyone, big and small, old and new?

CMO?s, CEO?s and CFO?s: Are you funding growth hacking for your business? Growth hacking is clearly a great method to find one or more growth formulas that work, and perhaps to constantly accelerate your business. Afraid to rock that boat? Think your market is saturated and price is the only driver you can sustain? Most companies should consider this seriously. You can?t afford not to finance and hack success for your new products using an MVP approach. If you can do this all the time, then you may be able to do for your business what growth hackers are doing for many of the best startups.

Startups use the MVP method to launch and relaunch and relaunch their new products until they hit traction. Good ?Venturepreneurs? know that all that growth hacking must be financed properly. Finding solutions in this manner is generally an iterative process. Large companies might be well founded to invest in growth hacking (like Facebook does) and to consider it one of the cores of product and marketing R&D.

To learn more basics about Growth Hacking and some of the thinking behind it, I recommend a quick read of this blog post on the job site, where the editors review their pick for the top 20 growth hacking resources.

Dana's Bakery: Dana meets Bill Murray at our retail location... Cool!
Fresh Table Farms is taking farming hyperlocal with small low cost closed loop farm-tech.
Incubate Miami Class of 2012. Seven awesome start up businesses! Ask me whose still around today. :)