from the ThreeSpaces blog:

What I'm doing here on the first "persona network"? - Peter Hubshman, Member, ThreeSpaces Co-founder

How do people use Facebook? They use it to keep in touch with family, friends, classmates, and the people we meet and like along life's roads. Plus, they trade entertainment and politics and news, of course, as it comes up. And, they find great products to buy that their friends recommended. And, how do people use LinkedIn? People use LinkedIn for business and job networking. It's really great for that. And how do people use Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest?

In each of these and most of the other social places where we now live, our personal profiles are tuned to those specific network experiences. These are the profiles and pages and groups we create to express ourselves openly with family and friends, or that we use publicly for the businesses we work in. Our personal profiles are tuned for those network experiences. My Facebook profile, and others, only show a small part of me.

I don't know about you, but I have a few other "personas" besides my personal profiles on my favorite 3 social networks.

Actually I am so serious about my "other personas", that I can represent myself as an expert in each one. I have tools that I use for each: specialized hardware, software, and know-how. And for each thing I am really good at and/or genuinely interested in, I access a specific community of interest. In that community I find information and support and other people who also do what I do and use or buy and appreciate what I do.

So what are these talents and interests for me? I'm a "Late Night Chef". I love to cook. I've been doing it since I was a kid. But my ex-wife, a professional chef, was the one who really taught me. While she was going through school and working her first big jobs, I was learning right along with her. Here's another: "Guitar Player". I've been playing the guitar since I was 12. I'm still practicing and learning and I love to play and jam with other people at my level or better.

Those are my 2 serious hobbies. But I also have a professional business life as a "Venturepreneur". I love to help start up technology and green sector businesses as a finance and strategy advisor. Now I have a job as the CEO of a startup in aquaponic farm tech. But I'm also a spreadsheet geek, "Finance Journeyman". I love to interpret business and operations plans into models of future performance. I love it because I can apply my modeling skills effectively, almost anywhere.

That seems like lots of stuff, even for a fifty something year old guy, and, personally, I don't want to say all that on Facebook or LinkedIn. Do you know what I mean? I'm not on Facebook to brag. I'm there and on Instagram to keep in touch and express myself to friends. And I'm not on LinkedIn to talk about my serious hobbies. I'm there to network for jobs and opportunities.

So why put all my hobbies, talents, and avocations all in one place? It's the only place I've found where I can tell my whole story. I want to show off the range of things I love and do, but without compromising any of those individual parts of me. Focusing and drilling down on the individual parts lets me explore those deep interest areas and express myself to my peers directly.

That's why we are building the ThreeSpaces network. We want to help people move beyond their resumes and generic social profiles. We want to create a network to celebrate their many individual talents. We want to build a platform to learn and teach each other how to creatively use those talents. We want to help our members increase their personal economic value and contribute to their interest areas. Each of us makes a difference, and together we contribute our talents to global well being and a happier world. Meet Peter Hubshman/Venturepreneur on ThreeSpaces