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Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality
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Your Online Presence and Career Success
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IBM Open-Sources Potential "Internet of Things" Protocol
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The Seven Principles You Need to Know to Build a Great Social Product
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3 Steps To Generating More Buzz About Your Business
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Decentralize the web with Diaspora
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10 foolproof ways to promote your app in the App Store
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Entire Facebook Staff Laughs As Man Tightens Privacy Settings
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Salmon Protocol
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GNU Social
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OStatus interview with Markus Sabadello
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LinkedIn IPO millionaires club
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Silicon Alley Insider: Mobile
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May 24, 2011 08:38PM
May 24, 2011 08:40PM
Zynga, Maker of Facebook Games, Is Said to Plan an IPO
May 25, 2011 01:30PM
BranchOut gets $6M to help people find jobs through Facebook friends
May 25, 2011 01:40PM
DEMO: Big advertisers beginning to take startups seriously
May 25, 2011 01:46PM
CHART OF THE DAY: The iPad Is More Popular Than The Kindle In The Bathroom
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4 Creative Ways To Reward Your Facebook Fans
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5 top social media security threats
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Dos And Don'ts When Making Your Venture Capital Pitch
May 31, 2011 09:34PM
May 31, 2011 10:00PM
More Than Friending: How Can the Social Web Go Beyond Facebook?
June 01, 2011 07:52PM
Meet Evan Reas of LAL and His Proximity-Based Social Graph for Colleges (Video)
June 01, 2011 07:54PM
Meet Evan Reas of LAL and His Proximity-Based Social Graph for Colleges (Video)
June 01, 2011 08:00PM
June 01, 2011 08:01PM
The need for an Alternative to Facebook
June 01, 2011 08:06PM
Proximity 360 Facebook Page
June 06, 2011 01:40AM
June 06, 2011 02:06AM
June 06, 2011 02:08AM
Why Your Small Business Should Act Like A Social Media Company
June 07, 2011 07:56PM
June 07, 2011 08:02PM
The Value of a Facebook Fan
June 07, 2011 10:26PM
June 07, 2011 10:34PM
What We Can Learn from Justin Bieber
June 07, 2011 10:46PM
Santa Barbara Tennis Patrons
June 08, 2011 12:41PM
Kiip Is An Entirely New Mobile Ad Model: Real Life Rewards For In-Game Achievements
June 08, 2011 12:56PM
June 08, 2011 12:57PM
The Future Of Mobile Advertising: Less Annoying, More Useful
June 08, 2011 03:35PM
"The Future Of Mobile Is The Future Of Everything"
June 08, 2011 03:36PM
Bill Gurley Explains How Twitter Will Rule The World And Why Groupon Won't
June 19, 2011 02:10PM
Social graph : 35m members
June 19, 2011 02:39PM
All Revenue Is Not Created Equal: The Keys To The 10X Revenue Club
June 19, 2011 02:59PM
Increasing returns and the two worlds of business
June 19, 2011 03:20PM
Forget .com, here's .coke
June 21, 2011 10:22AM
A Tale of Two Inboxes: RSS and Twitter
June 21, 2011 10:44AM
June 24, 2011 10:04AM
June 28, 2011 10:57AM
Here's Our Top To Bottom Tour Of Google's Answer To Facebook
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Social graph
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OpenSocial: Behind the Corporate Firewall
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July 13, 2011 04:30PM
July 14, 2011 12:12PM
July 14, 2011 05:27PM
11 Insider Tips You Must Follow If You Want Your App To Succeed
July 17, 2011 02:16PM
Twitter Launches New API Developer Area
August 03, 2011 01:07PM
API Evangelist
August 03, 2011 01:09PM
Persona: An Online Social Network with User-Defined Privacy
August 10, 2011 12:04AM
11 Essential Algorithms That Make The Internet Work
August 10, 2011 11:42AM
Linked Data - The Story So Far
August 10, 2011 11:48AM
Strategy to raise $1m from Tech Coast Angels
August 22, 2011 11:35AM
Facebook HTML5 Project Spartan
August 26, 2011 03:43PM
4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Ignore From the Steve Jobs Formula
August 26, 2011 06:40PM
The iPhone Developer
August 29, 2011 12:09PM
Slide Could Have Been Google's Social NeXT
September 01, 2011 12:46PM
PRIVACY IS DEAD: Here Are 5 Places Where You Can Be Identified With Facial Recognition Technology
September 06, 2011 11:48AM
My Web Career
September 10, 2011 08:40PM
Facebook is winning the war for our online attention
September 12, 2011 02:19PM
September 15, 2011 11:49AM
September 15, 2011 11:50AM
How Lotus Notes changed the Collaboration Landscape
September 16, 2011 04:33PM
September 22, 2011 05:35PM
How Facebook ate the web
September 26, 2011 01:34AM
October 04, 2011 11:19AM
October 04, 2011 11:22AM
October 04, 2011 11:53AM - position for success
October 11, 2011 06:46PM
Infographic: A History of Facebook Failures
October 17, 2011 04:24PM
Elizabeth Warren: "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own"
October 18, 2011 03:58PM
7 Things Googlers Just Taught Us About The Magic Behind Google Maps
October 18, 2011 06:41PM
Diaspora Becomes PayPal's Latest Victim
October 20, 2011 12:16PM
October 21, 2011 12:25PM
What It's Like Having Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore As Investors
October 24, 2011 01:53PM
Instapaper's Marco Arment On How The iPad Is Changing Reading
November 06, 2011 09:44PM
November 11, 2011 03:35PM
Diaspora Social Network: After Founder?s Suicide, What?s Next?
November 16, 2011 04:06PM
Text From Social Networking Rant On MSNBC
November 16, 2011 04:08PM
THE APPLE INVESTOR: What Are The Four Keys To Apple's Success?
November 22, 2011 08:27PM
Work Smart: How To Find Your Sweet Spot
November 24, 2011 12:45PM
Love of Control Has Made Tablets Indispensable
December 01, 2011 12:58PM
Google: Tablets Are For Fun, Laptops Are For Work [study]
December 01, 2011 12:59PM
Wait, What's Node.js Good for Again?
December 01, 2011 01:53PM
This 27-Year-Old Built One Of The Fastest Growing Apps Ever -- Without Spending A Dime On Marketing
December 01, 2011 04:14PM
FROM ZERO TO MILLIONS: The Secret To Making Content Go Crazy/Viral
December 01, 2011 04:54PM
Macmillan Thesarus - persona definition
December 11, 2011 01:09PM
Longman dictionary - persona definition
December 11, 2011 01:14PM
December 16, 2011 01:28AM
With Siri TV, Apple Will Dismantle the TV Networks
December 18, 2011 10:45PM
19 Days After Its Relaunch, Social Network App Path Has 1.5 Million Downloads
December 20, 2011 12:16PM
A Revealing Interview Question
December 20, 2011 06:05PM
Blogger v. Blogger SoCal Cybersquatting Suit Resolved
December 20, 2011 06:19PM
The Pros And Cons Of Google+ For Small Business
December 22, 2011 12:30PM
A Sister?s Eulogy for Steve Jobs
December 23, 2011 01:37PM
Top 10 Startups of 2011
December 24, 2011 12:58PM
Here's How LinkedIn's Business Works
December 27, 2011 01:39PM
Study: Twitter's Early Growth Relied On Geographic Proximity
December 27, 2011 06:37PM
Persona Non Grata: Part 1, The Online Marketing Secret Weapon
December 28, 2011 01:26PM
Personas Really ARE the Online Marketing Secret Weapon
December 28, 2011 01:27PM
Persona (marketing)
December 28, 2011 01:31PM
Making Personas More Powerful: Details to Drive Strategic and Tactical Design
December 28, 2011 01:38PM
Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012
December 30, 2011 05:05PM
Google Announces Improvements to Sitelinks in Search Results
December 30, 2011 07:29PM
Dead? Social Media's Explosive Growth is Only Beginning
January 01, 2012 02:36PM
Op-Ed: Stop Feeding Facebook, It's Time for Moderation
January 01, 2012 03:15PM
4chan Founder: Anonymity is Authenticity
January 02, 2012 03:46PM
Google Launches U.S. Elections Portal & Google+ Page
January 02, 2012 04:05PM
Gartner: Next, Social Networks Will Sell Insurance, Become Banks
January 04, 2012 07:13PM
The First World Consumes Social Media While The Third World Produces It
January 06, 2012 12:15PM
Newspapers, Paywalls, and Core Users
January 06, 2012 05:43PM
Startup Secret No. 18: Stealth is nonsense
January 17, 2012 04:27PM
It's Embedded vs. Mobile Devices for the Hearts and Minds of Retailers
January 20, 2012 07:17PM
Why People Have Fake Facebook Profiles
January 24, 2012 03:23AM
The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet
January 24, 2012 12:29PM
SETH GODIN: If You're An Average Worker, You're Going Straight To The Bottom
January 25, 2012 12:56PM
13 Ways The Recession Has Changed How Millennials View Work
January 25, 2012 01:02PM
Business Insider
January 25, 2012 01:04PM
How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work
January 25, 2012 10:10PM
How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work
January 25, 2012 10:12PM
Average Is Over
January 25, 2012 10:13PM
In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad
January 27, 2012 10:27AM
Now We Know How Many Millions Of Dollars These Startups Made Selling To Facebook
February 02, 2012 04:34PM
Study: Why Do People Use Facebook?
February 06, 2012 02:11PM
LinkedIn Shares Jump as Ads Boost Revenue: San Francisco Mover
February 10, 2012 01:23PM
Wow. Facebook Rules Prohibit Users From Promoting Their Work, Company, And Much, Much More...
February 10, 2012 01:30PM
The Dirty Little Secret Of Silicon Valley's Startup Boom...
February 10, 2012 01:39PM
This Gorgeous To Do List App Is So Good It Just Hit #1 In The App Store
February 15, 2012 11:22AM
February 22, 2012 05:42PM
Things Entrepreneurs Never Confess To Their VCs
February 22, 2012 06:42PM
What Kind of Software Company Should You Work For?
March 01, 2012 10:34AM
FBI Searches Social Media for Insider Trading
March 01, 2012 11:09AM
March 11, 2012 03:38PM
Fancy Shows Pinterest How It Might Make Money Selling Stuff
March 11, 2012 03:46PM
Startup America Partnership
March 11, 2012 03:50PM
How a Viral Video Helped Launch an Offbeat Product
March 12, 2012 01:16PM
The Photography Tips That 96 Photographers Wish They Would've Learned Sooner
March 19, 2012 09:46AM
Why Apple Will Hit $1,650 by the End of 2015
March 21, 2012 01:24PM
March 28, 2012 04:26PM
Fall In Love With Your Business, Not Your Business Plan
March 30, 2012 02:17PM
Elance predicts the future of online work
April 02, 2012 02:58AM
Retro revival: PC games raise $6.7M and counting in Kickstarter campaigns
April 09, 2012 04:10PM
Help fund Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert?s new adventure game, go bowling with them (updated)
April 09, 2012 04:21PM
What Recruiters Look at on Your Resume in 6 Seconds
April 11, 2012 10:01AM
Apple and Facebook Should Be Terrified Of Google-Tinted Glasses
April 11, 2012 10:01AM
LinkedIn Will Outlive Facebook. Here's Why
April 19, 2012 02:32PM
5 Ways Coaches and Experts Can Hurt Your Business
April 20, 2012 01:46PM
Millennials - A Portrait of Generation Next
April 25, 2012 02:26PM
MediaPost Publications Study: Global Digital Future Looks 'Blight' 04/24/2012
April 25, 2012 03:02PM
LowLine Creators Reach Initial Fundraising Goal On Kickstarter
April 25, 2012 04:37PM
The Patent Racket
May 01, 2012 03:02PM
Is Google's Onerous TOS Designed to Steal Your Stuff?
May 01, 2012 03:02PM
Kickstarter Sets Off $7 Million Stampede for a Watch Not Yet Made -
May 01, 2012 03:24PM
The Maturation of Mark Zuckerberg -- New York Magazine
May 08, 2012 10:52AM
BranchOut secures $25M to take on LinkedIn through Facebook | VentureBeat
June 14, 2012 01:44PM
ICANN Domain Landgrab: What SMBs Should Know
June 14, 2012 01:44PM
The fraud behind Facebook "likes"
June 17, 2012 05:07PM
Heads up, LinkedIn users: 93% of recruiters are looking at you
July 11, 2012 03:48PM
Can Tumblr?s David Karp Embrace Ads Without Selling Out? -
July 15, 2012 02:51PM
Australia Spends $1.75 Billion on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ads - Deal Journal Australia - WSJ
July 23, 2012 12:08AM
Hot new conservative lie: The private sector invented the Internet -
July 25, 2012 01:24PM
Founder Institute's Requirement - Create a Company -
July 31, 2012 09:32PM
Can Facebook Capitalize on the Social Discovery Trend?
August 06, 2012 12:04AM
How a Minor Change by Facebook Resulted in a $92 Million Acquisition
August 11, 2012 09:31PM
iPhone design: Documents from the Samsung trial reveal more than ever about Apple?s secretive design process. - Slate Magazine
September 11, 2012 02:49PM
Online Privacy | Abine
September 27, 2012 07:05PM
IFA: Apple's iPhone Tracking In iOS 6 - Business Insider
October 18, 2012 05:08PM
Gartner: More iPads Than Blackberries In Business In 2 Yrs - Forbes
October 22, 2012 01:23PM
The Best and Worst Industries of the Next Decade |
October 30, 2012 07:51PM
5 Rules for Driving Innovation
November 02, 2012 05:58PM
Best Jobs in America - CNNMoney
November 02, 2012 07:24PM
5 Ways The Obama Campaign Was Run Like A Lean Startup | Fast Company
November 15, 2012 03:37PM
3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Without Facebook |
November 15, 2012 03:37PM
App Developers: Here's How to Get Paid Properly | MIT Technology Review
December 05, 2012 05:36PM
1024-bit RSA encryption cracked by carefully starving CPU of electricity
December 21, 2012 02:05PM
Sex, Drugs, Theft and Destruction: What Really Goes On Inside An Apple Retail Store, And Why You Should Be Afraid
December 21, 2012 02:08PM
Facebook's Paid Messages Might Not be a Terrible Idea
December 21, 2012 02:10PM
Be innovative with your social media strategy
December 26, 2012 02:39PM
Six ways to create buzz for your brand on Pinterest
December 26, 2012 02:39PM
How Job Seekers Can Say "Look at Me" to Online Recruiters -
January 27, 2013 05:28PM
Connect to Human Networks To Find Breakout Opportunities
February 07, 2013 01:47PM
Breakout Opportunities Are What Accelerates Your Career
February 08, 2013 12:58PM
Disruptions: Apple Is Said to Be Developing a Curved-Glass Smart Watch -
February 11, 2013 03:22PM
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People
February 15, 2013 01:20PM
Americans Fear Hacking More Than Any Other Crime, Poll Finds
October 29, 2014 05:10PM
Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2015
May 28, 2015 06:38PM
YouTube video advertising
June 15, 2015 12:49PM
The single biggest reason why startups succeed
June 17, 2015 07:45PM
Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention
June 23, 2015 05:43PM
June 26, 2015 07:56PM
June 26, 2015 07:56PM
This Social Network You've Never Heard Of Has Nearly 1 Million Users, Its CEO Says
July 03, 2015 01:25PM
Snapchat, Instagram And Vine For Social Media Marketing?
July 03, 2015 01:57PM
How To Quickly Master Social Media Marketing For Small Business
August 12, 2015 11:54AM
How to Drive Website Traffic With Instagram
September 29, 2015 02:54PM
Why Your Kickstarter Project Needs Promotion
October 03, 2015 06:22PM
Obamacare Startup Oscar Health Hits A $1.5 Billion Valuation
November 02, 2015 03:12PM
Josh Kushner's Thrive Capital Raises New $400 Million Fund With Ivy League Backing
November 02, 2015 03:13PM
Anyone Can Learn App Development: 8 Practical Approaches to Coding
December 28, 2015 12:03PM
The Entrepreneurial Generation, Millennials and Alternative Modes of Earning
January 04, 2016 04:50PM
Why your certificate authority rarely matters, and expensive certificates are not safer
January 04, 2016 05:05PM
How to Succeed with Your Big Presentation to the Executives
January 20, 2016 07:06PM
How to Pitch to the CEO
January 20, 2016 07:07PM
Cathedral of Junk (360 Video)
February 24, 2016 08:22PM
Inside the Starburst-sized box that could save the Internet
March 21, 2016 11:58AM
Bots: The Next Big Thing In Mobile? Not So Fast
April 13, 2016 08:56PM
Smart Watches Need (More) Killer Applications
May 10, 2016 03:27PM
The 72 PPI Web Resolution Myth
May 19, 2016 03:36PM
June 06, 2016 06:09PM
Why I turned down $500K, Pissed off my investors, and Shut down my startup
June 19, 2016 11:02PM
Conference Footage: The Deep Dive on Deep Linking
June 19, 2016 11:26PM
Pokémon-Chasing Investors Send Nintendo Shares Soaring
July 13, 2016 05:38PM
Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
July 27, 2016 08:20PM
Signal (software)
August 02, 2016 01:37AM
How Innovative Ideas Arise
August 12, 2016 09:13PM
Taking Sphero?s BB-8 Force Band for a spin
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You Are The Face Of Your Brand
September 05, 2016 02:36PM
How entrepreneurs should use social media (according to a billionaire investor)
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Older Entrepreneurs Take On the "Concrete Ceiling"
September 10, 2016 12:16PM
7.1 Steps to Create Multiple Streams of Income
October 06, 2016 07:44PM
How Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Inspired Us To Dream Bigger
December 05, 2016 12:55PM
5 Powerful Steps to Building Your Influential Network
December 13, 2016 02:44PM
Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs
March 29, 2017 04:11PM
Why More Tech Companies Are Hiring People Without Degrees
April 03, 2017 05:15PM
Critical to your team's culture: Equal air time
May 19, 2017 05:41PM
How billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk got his start
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The Father of Android Is Back, and He?s Built the Anti-iPhone
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Famed Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shows You How to Go Invisible Online
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What's Your Personal Mission Statement?
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